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“Combine sustainable urban development
     with new sources of clean energy”

Solar Energy Converging With Architecture

Innovative, aesthetic, colored, integrated and efficient PV solutions for facades and more

When innovation unleashes the potential of solar energy in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and architecture


Color & Power Optimization

Aesthetic & Custom Designs

Digital Color Enhancement


Aesthetic, custom-made and colored solar panels


Standing out by blending in

ColorBlast® modules combine the durability and performance of high-quality glass solar panels with the flexibility and design options that are standard for the building industry


With ColorBlast®, we offer limitless colors for the facade with options for images, designs, and patterns

Examples of customized solar panels

With ColorBlast® technology, any design, pattern, or logo can be translated onto a solar panel in almost any color

This way existing passive construction materials, such as facade elements, can be substituted by aesthetic and integrated solar panels, creating new sources of clean energy, without compromising on structural, lifespan, design or architectural aspects


We work with you along all the realization of your project

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